Things You Should Know

I'm an NYC based writer, director, comic, and all around good time. 

When I'm not pretending to be a cog in the big machine, I'm writing and directing long and short form comedy. My first pilot, Everyone You Hate Is Here, a workplace comedy about teens at a Long Island beach club, is out on Vimeo. You can check it out here:, or over on my media page, if you just cannot be torn away from reading my bio at this juncture.

I'm currently in pre-production for my next pilot - but shhhh, don't tell anyone. It'll just be our little secret. 

I'm one half of the comedy duo

I Mean...Productions with my partner Amy Lynne Berger. Together we have created original content for our youtube channel, UCB, The Radioactive Festival at the New York Theatre Workshop, Don't Tell Mama, and more - darling. 

Yes, I know I look familiar and you "feel like you've met me before," and no I don't think that I look like your cousin/best friend's sister/favorite barista, but I will gladly look at a photo and pretend that I agree.